Bus theory test

Bus theory test for the PCV D-licence category contains 2 parts. First you need to pass the multiple-choice part which contains 100 questions. The pass mark for the multiple-choice part is 85/100. The second part of the bus theory test is the hazard perception part. 

How much is the fee for bus theory test?

Bus theory test (PVC test) fee consists of 2 fees:

  • Multiple-choice part fee, £26.00 
  • Hazard perception fee, £11.00

Same fee is also for C licence categories (LGV theory test)

What questions are asked in the bus theory test?

The official bus theory test questions are not public. But you can have access to official DVSA revision questions which provide's real like test. The topics for the bus theory test are:

  • Documents
  • Restricted View
  • Vehicle Weights and Dimensions
  • Drivers' Hours and Rest Periods
  • The Driver
  • Accidents
  • Environmental Issues
  • The Road
  • Braking Systems
  • Leaving the Vehicle
  • Traffic Signs
  • Carrying Passengers
  • Other Road Users
  • Vehicle Condition

What is the time limit for bus theory test?

The time limit for the bus theory test is 1 hour 55 minutes. So you have plenty of time to answer for multiple-choice questions.

Practise for the bus theory test

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