Theory test 2015

From 1st of january 2012 the current driving theory test questions which are published by the DSA will  not anymore appear in the actual theory test. The DSA have been writing new questions for all the theory tests. These questions will not be public anymore. Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning:

“Stopping the publication of the real questions and answers will mean that candidates will have to understand the theory rather than memorise which answers to choose in the multiple choice section.”
Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning MP.
Ofcourse most of the new questions will be similar to the old questions but not identical.  
The Minister wants more focus on learning the theory and far less on just practicing and memorising theory test answers to the officially published questions.
Theory test 2015 has no different vs. theory test 2014. Amount of questions and pass rate is same as it used to be.